Data Access for Former Customers



Common Goal Systems strives to provide great customer satisfaction and achieve high subscription renewal rates. Unfortunately sometimes we don’t meet a few customers’ needs, and they choose to discontinue use of our system.  These “former customers” often keep student data inside our system for a period of time, and have traditionally subscribed to a single admin account to maintain access.  


In the past, we have been amenable to the situation.  Costs were small for former customers, and it saved our Technical Services Organization from supporting complex data extraction projects.  It was a cooperative way to reduce friction between former business partners.


The last few years have seen dramatic increases in cyber crime targeted at schools and their systems.  While we haven't been breached, each time another vendor is compromised, cyber insurance premiums climb for everyone. Though we continue to improve security and implement industry best-practices, our per student costs continue to rise.


In response to increased costs, we will no longer host former customers’ student data for an inconsequential fee (one admin account).  Starting the 2023-24 academic year, if former customers want to maintain student data in our system, they’ll need to purchase the new “Former Customer Student Data Storage” subscription, priced annually at $2/student.


Alternatively, former customers may let their accounts expire. Shortly after expiration, the system will notify your organizational contacts that you have 30 days to start the renewal process, or your account, and all associated data, will be deleted. Once data is deleted, we will no longer be able to retrieve it under any circumstances. 


If you plan to allow your data to be deleted, we strongly suggest extracting a copy before your account expires.  The easiest way is to generate PDFs of transcripts and other data.  You can also run file exports using the Import/Export page.  Most customers’ annual subscriptions expire on 6/30, in about 3 months.


We’ve written knowledge base article(s) to help users get started pulling data:

How do former customers extract data from SchoolInsight? 


Feel free to reach out if you have questions.



The Common Goal Team