Software for Standards based Learning

TeacherEase helps implement standards-based learning and differentiated instruction in the classroom. For many teachers and organizations, standards-based education is a big change and requires great effort. TeacherEase supports this process by providing world-class tools that make standards-based practices easier.

  • Transform state standards or CCSS into teachable concepts
  • Write "I can ..." statements to define learning targets
  • Define rubrics to break down progress toward each target
  • Engage students by clearly communicating learning goals and allowing them to self-assess
  • Build a foundation for standards-based grading
  • Work toward a coherent curriculum
learning targets
  • Build assessments to match your curriculum and learning targets
  • Measure student learning and inform instruction
  • Analyze results, form dynamic groups, and differentiate instruction
  • Give to students online or on paper
  • Manual and automatic grading
  • Able to import professionally developed item banks
  • Build a secure online database of instructional content
  • Units, lessons, assessments, activities, etc. are aligned to standards and difficulty/complexity
  • Teachers search by standard to find resources
  • Support differentiated instruction by making effective materials available at various levels of complexity and learning mode
  • Teaching teams cooperate and share planning labor
  • Develop an organizational asset. Review and improve every year
  • Search within district or across entire TeacherEase user base
  • Help Teachers Get Started with Technology
  • Increase Engagement with Digital Activities
  • Redefine Instruction using Collaboration, Project-Based Learning, Peer-Review, and Flipped Classroom
  • Replace Paper Textbooks with Digital Curriculum
  • Individualize Instruction for each Student
  • Communicate learning progress to students and parents
  • Highly configurable to meet unique needs
  • Publish online or print on paper
  • Built for standards-based grading
  • Measure mastery data every day and inform instruction
  • Grades reflect learning, not the "game of school"
  • Combine multiple standards to generate an overall score, or score for groups of standards
  • Supports popular scoring algorithms like Power Law, Decaying Weights, Median of Recent Scores, Mode, etc.
  • Analyze data to dynamically group students and differentiate instruction

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