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Learning Targets

TeacherEase supports the transition to standards-based learning. Unpack standards and write learning targets. Break down state standards, common core, etc into individually teachable concepts. Targets are often written as "I can ..." statements. Understandable language helps students engage in learning, take ownership of progress, and accept feedback. Educators can learn by browsing other districts' learning targets. Committees cooperatively build a foundation for instruction and assessment.


Increase success by using software built for standards-based learning

Get teachers thinking about student learning by writing learning targets

Help students take ownership of learning with understandable learning targets

Improve feedback to students by creating a shared vocabulary and structure

Educators develop professionally by browsing each other’s learning targets

Committees collaborate to build targets, rubrics, assessments, instruction, etc.

Build a solid foundation to support standards-based instruction and assessment

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Write learning targets

For each course, define the skills students should learn. These are typically written as "I can ..." statements using language understandable to students.

Break down standards into teachable concepts

Standards are often big and complex. Create smaller learning targets that can be individually instructed by unpacking standards. This makes standards operational in the classroom.

Help teachers think about standards-based learning

Writing learning targets has professional development value. It helps teachers think deeply about how students learn. This experience often results in better instruction and assessment.

Browse other teachers' learning targets

Teachers can learn by viewing other districts' learning targets. See how other educators unpack the same standards and build targets. Cross-pollination helps teachers develop professionally.

Copy and share learning targets

As teachers browse targets, they can also copy them. Benefit from others’ experience and get started quickly.

Enable committees to collaborate building learning targets

Transitioning to standards-based learning is often a team effort. TeacherEase provides a platform for committees to work together and optimize targets for the entire organization.

Build a foundation for instruction and assessment

After writing learning targets, educators and committees can continue onto rubrics, assessments, instructional content, etc. The learning targets are just the first step, and can be expanded upon.

Better engage students

By writing understandable learning targets, students have a framework to process feedback, engage in learning, and take ownership.

Create a vocabulary for student feedback

When students understand the targets, it provides a framework to receive feedback. Educators can have richer conversations with students about their knowledge and areas of improvement.

Identify curriculum gaps and overlaps

Thoughtfully write learning targets within and across grade levels to construct coherent curriculum that builds upon previously mastered topics. Eliminate unnecessary repetition that wastes instruction time. Find gaps that lead to confusion and incomplete cognitive scaffolds.

Standards-based Learning Process

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