Course - Single View

Our product contains many complex entities, and information increases over time as we add new features.  One of our challenges is to provide users with a neat, clean interface to access all their data. 

A solution we’ve previously implemented is the “Student - Single View” page.  It allows users to access any piece of student data from one page.  It has many tabs (and sub-tabs) to organize all the information.  Most users prefer it to “Student Multi-View,” which was our original implementation. 

A similar situation is now occurring with courses.  The entity is already complex, and we’re adding significant standards-based learning (SBL) features which are managed at the course level.  The “Course Catalog” page is pretty crowded, and would get (more) confusing with additional features.


So we decided to add a “Course - Single View” page.  This should keep courses neat and clean, and provide a one-stop-shop for course-based information.  As we implement new SBL features, you’ll see additional tabs appear on this page.

Admin Main > Courses > Course - Single View



We will continue to maintain the “Course Catalog” page (as we still support “Student Multi-View”).  For the foreseeable future, there’s no good reason to retire it.  Most users dislike change, and supporting our existing workflow will help our users continue to be comfortable and satisfied.  

We would encourage anyone who interacts with courses to try the new page.  We hope you will like it.

The Common Goal Team.