Data Query Enhancements



About 3 months ago, we released data queries as part of the first version of Enterprise Data Access (EDA).  We received feedback, and have implemented some new features. Here’s a quick update...

Data Queries are Schedulable

We properly hooked up data queries to the rest of the EDA architecture.  You can now schedule data queries through the regular EDA scheduling mechanism.

Added Summary Reports

The first version of data queries provided the ability to filter and export rectangles of data.  We often call this “details” reports.


For the next version, we added the ability to do “summary” reports -- similar to what is available on custom student reports.  We added SQL “group by” functionality to calculate aggregate columns using COUNT(), SUM(), MIN(), and MAX(). This provides significant flexibility when performing analytics.  Notice that there’s a new tab to create a “summary” or “details” query.

“Equals Other Field” Filter

We may want to filter data in a later table with the values from an earlier one.  We already do this automatically for foreign keys, but it can be helpful for other fields.  An example would be to find absences for a student, and get assignments only on the dates they were absent.  This requires linking attendance event dates with assignment dates.


We implemented a new filter called “Equals Other Field” that allows users to make these connections.  In addition to selecting static filters, you can use the values from previous tables.

More Entities Available

We expanded the coverage of EDA inside our system.  It can now query over 600 database tables (from 400 previously).  


We recently implemented a new technology stack inside our system, which enables EDA.  Nearly all tables currently in the new stack are now query-able. As we add existing tables to the stack, data query coverage will continue to increase.