Enterprise Data Access is Released



After a year in beta, we are now releasing the Enterprise Data Access (EDA) module for SchoolInsight.  It’s very stable and widely used (currently ~600 exports are scheduled to run automatically).  It helps users get data out of our platform and better integrate with external systems. We're proud of the work we've accomplished. Since announcing the beta, we've added great new functionality:

  • IMS OneRoster export

  • Ability to send data to Clever to easily integrate other applications

  • Saving standard export templates

  • Self-service automated export scheduler

  • Export logging and error notification

  • Local SFTP server

  • Scheduling of automated ISBE reporting

  • Data Queries  


We often improve our products and don't change pricing. Many new features are delivered at no additional cost. We do feel it's reasonable, however, to charge new subscription fees for significant new functionality. We believe EDA's value justifies its own module and subscription fee. Starting in the 2019-20 academic year, we'll be charging for the EDA module (it was free during beta).  For customers currently using EDA, you will see a line item on your renewal order form (published in March).  Pricing will be the same as other “add-on” SchoolInsight modules like Lunch, Discipline, Health Records, Advanced Scheduling, etc.


We endeavor to be transparent about our plans, and have communicated this change for some time. If you weren’t aware about the EDA module, here are some previous news items you may find helpful:

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The Common Goal Team