Improved Printing of Standards-based Scores


Organizations that practice standards-based learning (SBL) generate considerable performance data.  There are often many assignments with learning targets and scores.  Students and parents typically look at this data online in a technology-rich environment to understand learning progress. 

Organizations often need to print report cards and progress reports too.  In these situations, paper is a less-rich environment to review and understand SBL performance.  The information needs to be simplified so as not to overwhelm parents or consume too much paper.  In the latest release, we’ve made improvements to better manage this situation. 

Users can control which learning targets are visible on printed reports.  Most organizations choose to show only some learning targets (not all).  We offer a few selections to show timely learning targets, and omit older ones. This is available for report cards and progress reports. 

Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Define Report Cards > visual layout

Instructor Main > Reports > Progress Report


The last option, “Covered in current grading period,” provides a great deal of flexibility.  It’s often used to show only learning targets that are “covered,” or are the current focus of instruction.  It can also be used to control exactly which learning targets are displayed. Below is an example where the top 3 levels of learning targets would be shown on printed reports (but not lower levels).


To give this mechanism more flexibility, we created a page to “Mass Edit Learning Target Coverage.”  It’s easy to show just top level targets, or bottom level targets.  Users can easily set patterns of coverage for many courses, which can be shown on reports.  We chose to expand this mechanism because users can control the exact targets shown by modifying coverage values.  In the future, we could also add additional choices as customer needs arise.