Update with Direct Upload to ISBE


The ISBE has notified us that direct upload is working again. We tested it successfully with a single customer, and re-enabled it on the site. Feel free to use it again. Let us know if you experience any unexpected issues.


Issues with Direct Upload to ISBE


Each year the ISBE updates the data it collects from Illinois school districts.  We gather those requirements and update SchoolInsight for the start of the new academic year.  We do this for manual file creation and direct upload (which is also used by scheduled ISBE uploads).


Over the past week, many customers have experienced errors when uploading files to the ISBE.  It took some time to troubleshoot the issue, but it seems that the IWAS system was correctly updated to accept the new data formats.  So customers could manually upload their files successfully. Unfortunately the direct upload mechanism for communication with the ISBE was not updated to use the new file formats, and files uploaded by SchoolInsight were being rejected.  We apologize for the delay and confusion, it took some time to identify the exact source of the errors. The ISBE was very helpful in the process, and we appreciate their assistance with the issue.


As of Friday evening (8/17/2018), this issue is still outstanding.  For the moment, we recommend customers manually upload data files to the ISBE through IWAS.  While we don’t have an exact timeline for their fix to direct upload, it sounds like it shouldn’t take too long.  We’ll update this post when updates are applied and direct upload again functions correctly.

We wrote a specific knowledge base article for instructions on manually generating and uploading files to the ISBE.  We hope it helps, and sorry for the inconvenience.