SchoolInsight Financials - Initial Demos



As you may know, we have been working on a financial system since late last year.  We’ve made nice progress and wanted to update the community.  If you’re not familiar with this effort, please see our previous news release: 

We built quite a lot of software, so we solicited feedback from customers to assess our status.  Earlier this week we presented demos to 7 districts on our customer advisory council. We received generally positive thoughts on the completed work (and some nice feature suggestions).  We showed first versions of Budgeting, General Ledger, Reporting, AR, AP, and HR. Payroll is still under construction.


Our next goal is to go into beta in July.  We hope to have a half dozen customers run SchoolInsight Financials in parallel with their current systems.  We’ll get more detailed feedback and compare our results with customers’ existing systems to verify successful operation. During the beta, we'll fix bugs, add features, and prepare for a solid first production version. Financial systems needs to be accurate “to the penny,” and our customers trust us for that level of quality.


After a 6-month beta, we plan to release SchoolInsight Financials in January 2020. We recently announced pricing, and will start charging subscription fees for the new product: 

These timelines are for Illinois (IL) customers.  For other SchoolInsight-supported states (MO, OK, and NH), availability will come 3 to 6 months later.  Once we have IL in a good position, we’ll work to understand state-specific issues required by other geographies.


If you would like to see a demo of our Financial software, we’re planning another series of meetings in IL starting in late June.  This will coincide with our next release from development. Please reach out to your account representative to schedule an appointment.