Changes to Employee Management



The “Employees” entity has been in the SIS for quite some time.  It is foundational and sits beneath Instructors and Admins.  It also provides a place to store employee state reporting data. This worked well for many years.


With the advent of SchoolInsight Financials, however, SIS access to employee modification and sensitive data has become problematic.  SIS admins can make employee changes that surprise bookkeepers, causing errors in payroll or additional work.  Example: a SIS admin marks an employee inactive instead of removing their SIS Admin role, which cascades into removing them from payroll.


In most organizations, the HR/Finance system is the authoritative source of employee data.  Other systems can access/import the information they need, but can’t make changes.  SchoolInsight should work similarly for Financials customers.

So we added new options for Financials customers. 


They can limit the ability of SIS users to:

  1. Create or modify employees

  2. View sensitive employee data


These can be found in:

Financials Main > Settings > General Settings



All customers will start with the most permissive settings, equivalent to how the SIS works today.  For the status quo, no action is necessary.  Financials customers should change the settings to restrict SIS permissions (our technical services team will reach out to nudge the appropriate customers).


One setting controls the ability of SIS admins to modify employees. When this is set to “no”, employees must be created in financials before they can be used in the SIS.  Similarly, admins can remove SIS roles (admin/instructor) but can’t delete underlying employees or mark them inactive.  SIS admins also cannot modify employee positions.  


Using these settings will change data entry procedures within districts.  To reduce confusion, it’s likely beneficial to discuss the changes with SIS Admins and Bookkeepers, so everyone knows how to cooperate.


The other setting controls whether sensitive HR data can be seen by SIS admins. These include social security numbers, salary, and other data. Which fields are hidden depends on your state. 


For IL customers we moved EIS reporting inside financials and the associated fields are hidden in SIS.


Financials Main > Payroll > ISBE File Exports.


For MO customers, more data remains available in the SIS. This is a result of how MOSIS reports are managed and should reduce the negative impact these changes have on school operations. 


If you would like to modify HR sensitive data in the SIS (in addition to view), leave both options turned on.


To make SIS role management easier, we moved employee information off Admin and Instructor create/edit pages.  Admins setting up SIS roles now won’t be distracted by the many employee settings.  Employee information is now available on Employee pages only.



To give better access to Employee information, we added “Employee - Single View” to the SIS. This updated page mirrors “Student - Single View” and “Course - Single View” and makes it easy to find, view, and update single employees.



We’re excited about the new changes and hope you like them too. Please keep an eye on the news page for future updates. 



The Common Goal Team