Standards-based Progress Reports

One long-time gap in our standards-based learning (SBL) product has been the lack of printable progress reports.  While SBL data has long been available on the online student-parent portal, educators may need to print out standards-based progress reports to send home or to use in conferences.  We just released software to offer this functionality.   

Instructor Main > Reports > Progress Report

Admin Main > Reports > Progress Report 

Some discussion may be of interest.  Schools often transition into SBL slowly.  Implementation takes a lot of effort (organize committees, write learning targets, build rubrics, redesign assessments, align instructional material, etc).  The process typically requires several academic years and may not include all grade levels/subjects at a time.  So progress reports support both traditional and SBL classes, and reports can intermingle information. 

There’s also the matter of data complexity and paper usage.  With SBL, there’s more performance data (not just an overall score).  If the report simply dumped every SB score, it would likely overwhelm parents (“What does this all mean?”)  and consume too much paper.  So the solution uses the same options offered by our report card printing engine.  Educators can choose different learning targets to show as a means to reduce the data shown. 

We rewrote the progress report engine from scratch, adding new SBL functionality while preserving the many traditional grading features of the original software.  We hope you enjoy it.