TeacherEase Supports IMS OneRoster and Clever

With the recent standards-based learning (SBL) improvements to TeacherEase, we've experienced considerable demand from non-SchoolInsight customers.  Many SBL districts struggle with the gradebook, analytics, and report card software from their student information system (SIS).  There is a need in the market for purpose-built SBL software, like TeacherEase.

Historically, using TeacherEase with a different SIS (not SchoolInsight) was challenging.  It required the design and import of custom-developed CSV files.  While this was possible, it was beyond the technical expertise or motivation of many prospective customers.  Only the most determined and skilled could successfully implement TeacherEase without SchoolInsight.

To solve this issue, we’ve taken advantage of several recent innovations.  We’ve implemented support for IMS OneRoster and Clever import mechanisms.  Using this new software, customers can now easily transfer roster information into TeacherEase from a supported SIS.  Setup only takes a few minutes, rather than running a complex data integration project.  For more information, see our web page:


We ask users of our Clever integration to subscribe to the newly created “Premium Data Integration” module.

Strategically, we believe it's important for our software to easily interoperate with other popular systems, using open standards and APIs.  In the not-too-distant future, we plan to integrate with systems most frequently used by our customers: OneRoster to make SchoolInsight roster data available to other tools, and Google to easily create accounts from Schoolinsight.  Look for future announcements in this area.