iOS App for Admins/Teachers



We just released our first iOS App for admins and teachers.  It should help users access TeacherEase information while away from their desks.  We didn’t attempt to fully replicate our website on mobile, but instead focused on making useful mobile-friendly functionality available.  It can be downloaded at: 


We used new technology to build the admin/teacher app.  You’ll notice that it’s more app-like than our previous mobile releases. We hope you’ll like the improved user interface.  We plan to go back and update the parent/student app at some point in the future.


We plan to add more functionality to the mobile admin/teacher app soon.  Expect the next one in a couple months. We wanted to get a first version out so customers could use it and give feedback.


An Android version is coming soon too.  It’s currently in QA, so it’s almost ready for release.


Here are a few screenshots of the new app.  Teachers can take attendance.



Admins and teachers can search for students and view their information. 



It’s easy to find and call contacts.  



You can view the student’s schedule.



Teachers can enter traditional grades (standards-based grading will be in a future release).



We hope you enjoy our new iOS app for admins and teachers.



The Common Goal Team