July Release Notes



We’ve done quite a bit of development work this summer, and have released most of it (there’s still some in QA that will arrive shortly).  This article is a summary of new features for the month.

Search Students by Contact Name

Parents often leave voicemail messages like, “Hi, this is Mrs. Jane Johnson and my son Jimmy will be absent today.”  While this is normally fine, if the parent’s surname is different from the student’s, it can be difficult to find the student.  To remedy this situation, student search has been improved to search by contact name. Notice that you can change the student search to "search by contact."

The results will display contacts, their students, custodial status and relationships to the students

Free-Reduced Lunch Applications Updates

Our Free-Reduced Lunch Applications (FRLA) functionality has been updated with a new modular look and with auditing requirements in mind.


Admins can control the setup, perform their daily work, and run reports from a FRLA main page.

School District Admin Main > Tools > Free-Reduced Lunch Apps

Admin Main > Tools > Free-Reduced Lunch Apps


New reports allow schools to meet their state mandated and auditors requirements:

  • Submit Illinois mandated requirements by running the Verification Summary Report

  • Run Error Prone Applications report to track and take action on these apps

  • Find all annual income submissions by running the Annual Income Entries Report

School District Admin Main > Free-Reduced Lunch Apps > Reports

Admin Main > Free-Reduced Lunch Apps > Reports


The updates also allow schools to configure letter templates and send direct certification notification.

School District Admin Main > Free-Reduced Lunch Apps > Notify Direct Certified


ISBE e-Report Card

The ISBE requires schools to fill out data about students and staff attendance in the IWAS system.  While we store much of this data, in the past it was not accessible in the required format. In this release we created a purpose-built report to generate the exact data required for this report.


Admin Main > Reports > ISBE e-Report Card


Note that some required data for the e-Report Card is not stored in SchoolInsight, and cannot be provided.  Please check your other systems for this information.

Learning Target Copy, Favorites, and Share

Some time ago we created a search mechanism for districts to browse each other’s learning targets.  This allows them to learn from each other. In the latest release, we expanded upon this functionality.


Copy allows users to pull learning targets into their SBL groups.  This can help new users get started.


Favorites allow users to tag interesting learning targets.  They can be saved for later or shared with colleagues.

Manual Override of Instructors Assigned to Sections

When TeacherEase is used with other SIS’es, it’s not uncommon for imported data to be limited to a single teacher for each class.  While this is fine for many classes, it doesn’t work for situations with multiple teachers (co-teachers, special educators, etc). Users need to add teachers without having their changes wiped out by subsequent imports.


TeacherEase now supports the ability to mark teachers as a manual override.  This will prevent subsequent imports from removing teachers from the class. Overrides can also prevent specific teachers from being added to classes.


The first step is to configure options and allow manual override.

School District Admins > Options > Import/Export


Then when editing a class, import overrides can be set.  This can prevent a teacher from being removed or added.